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Fall of Communism - 1772 Words

How can we explain the sudden collapse of Communism in Europe? Communism was a very popular ideology which was in great favor during the inter-war period but in the 1980s, there was an unanticipated demise of Communism. So how can we explain the sudden collapse of communism in Europe? I would argue that there were several forces converging to the breakdown of communism in Eastern Europe. Factors such as the high expenses of engaging in nuclear arms, the lost of their satellite states, the growing economic disparity in Europe and the changing attitudes and values of the younger people converged together that brought communism to the brink of collapse in Europe. The most important factor, however, was the role of Gorbachev and his†¦show more content†¦The disparity between the Soviet Union economy and that of the United States was what alerted Gorbachev that the Communist economy was not doing well. Soviet’s command economy was not concerned with matching supply and demand but with administering inputs and outputs. In other words, the economy was detached from the consumer and producers. The Communist countries were unable to catch up with globalization because of the inadequate resources. USSR did not have the capital to modernize their industries. On top of that, there was a big gap in the quantity production and the quality was evidently poor as well. Much of the money that was needed for its economy went to nuclear arms, space technology and to support its eastern bloc countries. ‘Economic problems, however, were not isolated to Russia alone, by 1989 the satellite states had accumulated a foreign debt of 49 billion,’ (Maier, 1997: 59). Economic and industrial progress degenerated further when the USSR withdrew its support from the satellite states that were heavily dependent on Russia. The Communist ideology began to decline so quickly that the socialist economic system no longer worked as the best system. Against the backdrop of such austere economic prospects, Gorbachev’s policies o f glasnost and perestroika indirectly implied that the soviet styled economy was obsolete and clearly failing. This brought aboutShow MoreRelatedEssay on The Fall of Communism1064 Words   |  5 PagesYugoslavia, Romania, Albania and Eastern Germany formed the Eastern Bloc that was controlled by the Soviet Union. As Stalin began to force his hand in all elements of government, economics and social life, Germans and others became disillusioned with Communism and began to flee westward to escape the oppression. Under communist rule, the necessities of daily living were scarce. Those that had jobs spent the little remaining hours of their day scouring and waiting in lines for rationed bread and toiletriesRead MoreThe Rise And Fall Of Communism1843 Words   |  8 PagesThe Rise and Fall of Communism â€Å"Let the ruling classes tremble at a communist revolution. The proletarians have nothing to lose but their chains. They have a world to win, workingmen of all countries, unite!† (Karl Marx). This quote is one of the most famous political slogans excerpted from the book Communist Manifesto, which was written by Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels. It demonstrates Marx’s opinion on social classism and how he is against it by stating the imbalance between the working classRead MoreThe Rise and Fall of Communism1465 Words   |  6 PagesEveryone would like to live in a perfect society, and in Germany, Karl Marx set out to do just that by creating the government system known as Communism. Though, this system has failed in many countries all over the world because of many significant flaws in the very foundation of the system. Some of the most feared probabilities in society that Communism was created to eliminate still prevailed and were at the heart of the system’s downfall. If the system was infallible, why were so many of itsRead MoreThe Fall of Communism in Russia Essay1697 Words   |  7 Pages Communism: A scheme of equalizing the social conditions of life; specifically, a scheme which contemplates the abolition of inequalities in the possession of property, as by distributing all wealth equally to all, or by holding all wealth in common for the equal use and advantage of all. (K. Marx) What Karl Marx had set out in his Communist Manifesto as guide lines for the governing of a state was proved to work to the contrary of its good intentions when appliedRead MoreThe Fall Of Communism And The Soviet Union Essay2058 Words   |  9 PagesPrior to Putin’s 2001 State of the Nation address, Russia was dealing with the overwhelming effects of economic and political reform. The fall of Communism and the Soviet Union left Russia in a fragile state. When Putin references â€Å"the period of disintegration of the Statehood† he is referring to the lack of stability and legitimacy in Russia’s era of reformation in the 1990s that threatened the very existence of the nation. The sources and indicators of this disintegration can be found through anRead More The Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe Essay2009 Words   |  9 PagesThe Fall of Communism in Eastern Europe Many political beliefs exist. Everyone has the right to chose what to believe in, what ideas to have, what to seek and how to achieve his goals. Political science is not very defined and strict. Specific rules saying that if one believes in a certain idea he should join a certain party do not exist. Certain things match certain group of people and other things this group of people would not accept. The same principle can be applied for countries. CommunismRead MoreThe Fall of Communism in Russia/Soviet Union Essay1460 Words   |  6 PagesCommunism in the USSR was doomed from the onset. Communism was condemned due to lack of support from other nations, condemned due to corruption within its leadership, condemned due to the moral weakness of humanity, making what is perfect on paper, ineffective in the real world. The end of this system was very violent. It left one of the two most powerful nations in the world fearful of what was to come. brbrCommunism can either be called a concept or system of society. In a society that followsRead MoreThe Fall of the Berlin Wall and Communism in Europe Essay1804 Words   |  8 Pagescame. They simply picked up and left. Fà ¼hrer said, â€Å"They were ready for everything except candles and prayers. That night, the GDR was a different place than it had been that morning.† (Curry) After the drama of the Monday Demonstrations, the fall of the wall was actually considered anticlimactic. On November 9, 1989, a routine press conference was gathered to announce the party’s decisions. An Italian journalist asked Gà ¼nter Schabowski if there would be any changes to the strict East GermanRead MoreLife Before and After the Fall of Communism in the Czech Republic1042 Words   |  5 PagesDo 1 Life Before and After the Fall of Communism in the Czech Republic Recently the senate and county elections in the Czech Republic confirmed that the preference of Czech voters is shifting to the left, whats more the Communist Party of Bohemia and Moravia got the second highest number of votes. The results are disturbing, because the last time Communists won the polls, the Czechs ended up being oppressed for over 40 years until they managed to overthrow the government. Now it seems thatRead MoreThe Rise and Fall of Communism in the Soviet Union Essay1523 Words   |  7 Pagescommand system, which is also described as Marxism, socialism, or communism, is both a political and economic philosophy. In a communist economy, the government owns most of the firms, subsequently controlling production and allocation of resources. One of the most well-known and well-documented cases of a communist government took place in the Soviet Union, beginning in 1917 and eventually falling in 1992. Idealistically, communism eliminates social classism and provides e qual work for all in a

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Steve Jobs Leadership Essay - 1064 Words

Some would say that Steve Jobs, co-founder of Apple Computers Inc., was an exceptional leader. However, there are many who would disagree with that statement. Jobs could define leadership in some aspects, yet he fell short in others. Jobs’ leadership style is difficult to pin down because his position fit very many styles. Steve Jobs co-founded Apple in 1976 and in 1984 he created the Macintosh, the first small computer with a graphic interface. Unfortunately in 1985 Jobs was forced to leave after an internal power struggle with the companies CEO. Jobs later returned to a struggling Apple after 12 years and turned the company around. During the 12 years he was away, Steve Jobs created successful companies such as Pixar and NeXT. Pixar†¦show more content†¦One of Jobs’ greatest quotes on leadership is â€Å"Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower† (Jobs, 2006). Steve Jobs’ leadership style is very difficult to clearly identify. Jobs’ characteristics and traits sporadically fit into different leadership styles. Jobs would be classified as an autocratic leader, he tells people what to do, asserting themselves, and serving as a model team member. Jobs was definitely not a democratic leader, it has been said that Jobs hated team meetings and was rather rude when employees spoke their mind. Steve Jobs could also be classified as entrepreneurial, despite the fact that he is a multibillionaire, his work ethic never changed. Andrew Dubrin defines an entrepreneur as â€Å"someone with a strong will for achievement and a sensible risk taking, high degree of enthusiasm, tendency to act quickly on opportunity, being impatient, visionary, amongst others† (Dubrin, 2010). Dubrin’s definition describes Steve Jobs to a tee. A transformational leader is one who â€Å"brings about major, positive change for the group, organization or society† (Dubrin, 2010). Jobs’ leadership showed many similarities to a transformational leader except one, Jobs lacked the humane qualities necessary. Jobs’ could also be considered a charismatic leader. Steve’s exceptional ability to captivate his audience during a speech is the time his charisma can be clearly seen. Jobs could fit himself intoShow MoreRelatedSteve Jobs Leadership3274 Words   |  14 PagesMG203 LEADING IN A COMPLEX WORLD LEADERSHIP ESSAY ASSIGNMENT 2010-2011 Student details Family name: Aitken First Name: DavidRegistration number: 200915741 Word count (excluding cover page, instructions and references): 2748 Steve Jobs is the CEO at Apple. Jobs founded Apple in 1976, and the company has developed into a major force within the electronics industry. Much of the success of the company has been due to the leadership of Steve Jobs. He has the personal attributes which are neededRead MoreLeadership : Steve Jobs1426 Words   |  6 PagesLeadership – Steve Jobs Robbins, DeCenzo and Coulter state that the behavioral theories of leadership approach would provide more definitive answers about the nature of leadership (301). In this paper, we will use behavioral theories from different authors to analyze a few events in the life of Apple’s former CEO, Steve Jobs. Steve Jobs was the mastermind who created Apple and helped shape half a dozen industries – personal computers (the Macintosh and iMac), music sales (iPod and iTunes), computerRead MoreLeadership Style Of Steve Jobs2042 Words   |  9 Pages 21st Century Leadership Name: Institutional Affiliation: 21st Century Leadership Overall leadership style(s) of Steve Jobs According to Williams (2014) Achievement-oriented leadership refers to a leadership style through which the leader often sets goals that are challenging and sets high expectations for the staff. Moreover, the leaders exhibit confidence that the workforce shall assume total responsibility and as a result put forward extraordinary effort while performing aRead MoreThe Leadership Style Of Steve Jobs Essay1721 Words   |  7 Pages Steve Jobs was a computer designer, executive and innovator, as well as an all-around role model for many people in both their businesses and their personal lives. As the cofounder of Apple Computers and former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, he revolutionized the computer and animation industries, amassing a fortune worth $10.2 billion at the time of his death. Jobs intuitively understood the power of cultural influence in sustaining the strategic capabilities implicit in his perpetual vision ofRead MoreLeadership Steve Jobs Essay1004 Words   |  5 Pages Steve Jobs Outline Michael Spellberg Critical Thinking amp; Problem-Solving August 10, 2014 Professor Ketsia Mcclease DeVry University Steve Jobs Outline I.Introduction   The greatest visionary and leader the late Steve Jobs, he revolutionized the world with his innovations and leadership, he was the leader who brought PC to the mass business sector, then happened to make music players and cell telephones that consumer cherished. His small telephones were packed with so much processingRead MoreLeadership Analysis : Steve Jobs923 Words   |  4 PagesLeadership â€Å"the ability to make sound decisions and inspire others to perform well. Effective leaders are able to set and achieve challenging goals, to take swift and decisive action, even in difficult situations, to outperform their competition, to take calculated risks and to persevere in the face of failure†(investopedia).Throughout history there has been many leaders from Martin Luther King, Napoleon Bonaparte, Bill Gates, and Steve jobs that has shown good communication skills, confidence inRead MoreThe Leadership Style Of Steve Jobs Essay1717 Words   |  7 Pages â€Å"Steve Jobs was a computer designer, executive and innovator, as well as an all-around role model for many people in both their businesses and their personal lives. As the cofounder of Apple Computers and former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, he revolutionized the computer and animation industries, amassing a fortune worth $10.2 billion at the time of his death.†(Hom , 2013) Jobs intuitively understood the power of cultural influence in sustaining the strategic capabilities implicit in his perpetualRead MoreSteve Jobs : Leadership Qualities1703 Words   |  7 Pagesleaders, it would be difficult to overlook Steve Jobs, former CEO of Apple, Inc. There is argument regarding whether individuals are born with leadership qualities or if they are learned over time. Whether innate or learned, Steve Jobs was exhibiting leadership qualities at a young age. Steven Paul Jobs was born in San Francisco in 1955. Given up for adoption by his biological parents, he was adopted by Paul and Clara Ja cobs of San Francisco. Steve and his adoptive parents moved to a suburbanRead MoreLeadership Style Of Steve Jobs1149 Words   |  5 PagesSTEVE JOBS The aim of this essay is to basically dissect the leadership style of Steve Jobs in accomplishing results. Steve Jobs was an American businessman, an early proponent of (PCs) and a social symbol. He’s best known for his two wildly successful tenures as co-founder and CEO of Apple. In 2011,  he had a net worth of $10.2 billion.  Throughout the years, his visionary ideas and close attention to detail were instrumental to the products that Apple would go on to create during his tenure, includingRead MoreThe Leadership Style Of Steve Jobs1426 Words   |  6 Pages Steve Jobs was a computer designer, executive and innovator, as well as an all-around role model for many people in both their businesses and their personal lives. As the cofounder of Apple Computers and former CEO of Pixar Animation Studios, he revolutionized the computer and animation industries, amassing a fortune worth $10.2 billion at the time of his death. Jobs intuitively understood the power of cultural infl uence in sustaining the strategic capabilities implicit in his perpetual vision of

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The Silver Linings Playbook Chapter 25 Free Essays

string(81) " that Caitlin has been married to my brother for years, yet I had never met her\." The Asian Invasion After a relatively short workout and an even shorter – and silent – run with Tiffany, I hop a train to Philadelphia. Following Jake’s directions, I walk down Market Street toward the river, turn right on Second Street, and follow the road to his building. When I reach the address, I am surprised to find that Jake lives in a high-rise that overlooks the Delaware River. We will write a custom essay sample on The Silver Linings Playbook Chapter 25 or any similar topic only for you Order Now I have to give my name to the doorman and tell him who I am visiting before he will let me in the building. He’s just an old man in a funny costume, who says â€Å"Go Eagles† when he sees my Baskett jersey, but my brother having a doorman is sort of impressive, regardless of the man’s uniform. Another old man wears a different sort of funny costume in the elevator – he even has on one of those brimless monkey hats – and this man takes me to the tenth floor after I tell him my brother’s name. The elevator doors open, and I walk down a blue hallway on a thick red carpet. When I find number 1021, I knock three times. â€Å"What’s up, Baskett?† my brother says after he opens the door. He’s in his Jerome Brown memorial jersey because it’s game day again. â€Å"Come on in.† There is a huge bay window in the living room, and I can see the Ben Franklin Bridge, the Camden Aquarium, and tiny boats floating on the Delaware. It’s a beautiful view. I immediately notice that my brother has a flat-screen television thin enough to hang on the wall like a picture – and it is even bigger than Dad’s television. But strangest of all, my brother has a baby grand piano in his living room. â€Å"What’s this?† I ask. â€Å"Check it out,† Jake says. He sits down on the piano bench, lifts the cover off the keys, and then actually starts playing. I am amazed that he can play â€Å"Fly, Eagles, Fly.† His version isn’t very fancy, just a simple chord progression, but it’s definitely the Eagles’ fight song. When he begins to sing, I sing along with him. When he finishes, we do the chant and then Jake tells me he has been taking lessons for the past three years. He even plays me another song, which is very unlike â€Å"Fly, Eagles, Fly.† This next song is familiar – surprisingly gentle, like a kitten walking through high grass – and it seems so unlike Jake to create something this beautiful. I actually feel my eyes moistening as my brother plays with his eyes shut, moving his torso back and forth with the sway of the piece, which also looks funny because he is wearing an Eagles jersey. He makes a couple of mistakes, but I don’t even care, be cause he is trying very hard to play the piece correctly for me and that’s what counts, right? When he finishes, I clap loudly and then ask him what he was playing. â€Å"Pathetique. Piano Sonata number 8. Beethoven. That was part of the second movement. Adagio cantabile,† Jake says. â€Å"Did you like it?† â€Å"Very much.† Truthfully, I am amazed. â€Å"When did you learn to play?† â€Å"When Caitlin moved in with me, she brought her piano, and she’s sort of been teaching me all about music ever since.† I start to feel dizzy because I have never heard mention of this Caitlin, and I think my brother just told me she lives here with him, which would mean my brother is in a serious relationship I know nothing about. This does not seem right. Brothers should know about each other’s lovers. Finally I manage to say, â€Å"Caitlin?† My brother takes me into his bedroom, and there’s a big wooden poster bed with two matching armoires that look like guards facing each other. He picks up a framed black-and-white photo from the bed stand and hands it to me. In the photo, Jake’s cheek is smashed against a beautiful woman’s. She has short blond hair, cut almost like a man’s, and she is very delicate-looking, but pretty. She is in a white dress; Jake is in a tuxedo. â€Å"That’s Caitlin,† Jake says. â€Å"She plays with the Philadelphia Orchestra sometimes and does a lot of recording in New York City too. She’s a classical pianist.† â€Å"Why have I not heard about Caitlin before?† Jake takes the portrait from my hands and stands it up on the dresser. We walk back into the living room and sit down on his leather couch. â€Å"I knew you were upset about Nikki, so I didn’t want to tell you that I was †¦ well †¦ happily married.† Married? The word hits me like a giant wave, and suddenly I am slick with sweat. â€Å"Mom actually tried to get you out of that place in Baltimore for the Mass, but it was when you were first admitted and they wouldn’t let you out. Mom didn’t want me to tell you about Caitlin yet, so I didn’t at first, but you’re my brother, and now that you’re home, I wanted you to know about my life, and Caitlin’s the best part. I’ve told her all about you and – if you want – you can meet her today. I had her go out this morning while I broke the news to you. I can call her now, and we can have lunch before we go down to the Linc. So, do you want to meet my wife?† The next thing I know, I’m at a little swanky cafe off South Street, sitting across from a beautiful woman who holds my brother’s hand under the table and smiles at me unceasingly. Jake and Caitlin carry the conversation, and it feels a lot like when I am with Veronica and Ronnie. Jake answers most of the questions Caitlin asks me, because I do not say much at all. No mention is made of Nikki or my time at the bad place or just how bizarre it is that Caitlin has been married to my brother for years, yet I had never met her. You read "The Silver Linings Playbook Chapter 25" in category "Essay examples" When the waiter comes, I say I’m not hungry, because I don’t have very much money on me – only the ten bucks my mother gave me for the subway, since I already spent five bucks on the PATCO ticket. But my brother orders for all of us and says he is treating, which is nice of him. We eat fancy ham sandwiches with some sort of sun-dried tomato paste, and when I finish, I ask Caitlin if the ceremony was a nice one. â€Å"What ceremony?† she says, and I catch her looking at the little white scar above my right eyebrow. â€Å"Your wedding ceremony.† â€Å"Oh,† she says, and then looks lovingly at my brother. â€Å"Yes. It was really nice. We had the Mass at St. Patrick’s Cathedral in New York City and then a small reception at the New York Palace.† â€Å"How long have you been married?† My brother shoots his wife a look that I do not miss. â€Å"A while now,† she says, which makes me feel crazy because everyone present knows that I do not remember the last couple of years – and because she is a woman, Caitlin knows exactly how long she has been married to Jake. It is obvious she is trying to protect me by being vague. This makes me feel awful, even though I realize Caitlin is trying to be kind. My brother pays the bill, and we walk Caitlin back to their apartment building. Jake kisses his wife by the entrance door, and his love for her is so obvious. But then Caitlin kisses me right on the cheek, and with her face only a few inches from mine, she says, â€Å"I’m glad I finally got to meet you, Pat. I hope we’ll become good friends.† I nod because I don’t know what else to say, and then Caitlin says, â€Å"Go Baker!† â€Å"It’s Baskett, dummy,† Jake says, and Caitlin blushes before they kiss again. Jake hails a taxi and tells the driver, â€Å"City Hall.† In the taxi I tell my brother I don’t have any money to pay for the taxi ride, but he says I never have to pay for anything when I am with him, which is a nice thing to say, but his saying it makes me feel sort of strange. Underneath City Hall, we buy subway tokens, spin a turnstile, and then wait for the southbound Orange Line. Even though it is only 1:30 p.m. and kickoff is not for seven hours yet, even though it is a Monday, a day when most people have to work, many men in Eagles jerseys are already waiting on the platform. This makes me realize that Jake is not working today – it makes me realize I do not even know what Jake does for a living, which really starts to freak me out. I think hard and remember that my brother was a business major in college, but I cannot remember where he works, so I ask him. â€Å"I’m an options trader,† he says. â€Å"What’s that?† â€Å"I play the stock market.† â€Å"Oh,† I say. â€Å"So who do you work for?† â€Å"Myself.† â€Å"What do you mean?† â€Å"I work for myself and do all my business online. I’m self-employed.† â€Å"Which is why you could take off early to hang out with me.† â€Å"That’s the best part about being self-employed.† I am very impressed with Jake’s ability to support himself and his wife by playing the stock market, but he doesn’t want to talk about his work. He thinks I’m not smart enough to understand what he does; Jake doesn’t even try to explain his work to me. â€Å"So what did you think of Caitlin?† he asks me. But the train comes, and we join the herd of boarding Eagles fans before I can answer. â€Å"What did you think of Caitlin?† he asks again after we find seats and the train starts moving. â€Å"She’s great,† I say, avoiding eye contact with my brother. â€Å"You’re mad at me for not telling you about Caitlin right away.† â€Å"No, I’m not.† I want to tell him all about Tiffany following me when I run; finding the â€Å"Pat† box; how Mom is still on strike and dirty dishes are in the sink and Dad turned his white shirts pink when he did the wash; how my therapist Cliff says I need to stay neutral and not get involved in my parents’ marital problems but only focus on improving my own mental health – but how can I do that when Dad and Mom are sleeping in separate rooms and Dad is always telling me to clean the house and Mom is telling me to leave it filthy – and I was having a hard time keeping it together before I found out my brother plays the piano and trades stocks and is living with a beautiful musician and I have missed his gala wedding and therefore will never see my brother marry, which is something I very much wanted to see, because I love my brother. But instead of saying any of this, I say, â€Å"Jake, I’m sort of worried about seeing that Gia nts fan again.† â€Å"Is that why you’ve been so quiet today?† my brother asks, as if he has forgotten all about what happened before the last home game. â€Å"I doubt a Giants fan will show up at the Green Bay game, but we’re going to set up in a different parking lot anyway, just in case any of the asshole’s friends are looking for us. I got your back. Don’t worry. The fat guys are setting up the tent in the lot behind the Wachovia Center. No worries at all.† When we arrive at Broad and Pattison, we exit the subway car and climb back up into the afternoon. I follow my brother through the thin crowds of diehards who – like us – have begun tailgating seven hours before kickoff, on a Monday no less. We walk past the Wachovia Center, and when the fat men’s green tent comes into view, I can’t believe what I see. The fat men are outside of the tent with Scott, and they are yelling at someone hidden by their collective girth. A huge school bus painted green – it’s running, and the driver is inching toward our tent. On the hood of the bus is a portrait of Brian Dawkins’s bust, and the likeness is incredible. (Dawkins is a regular Pro Bowler who plays free safety for the Birds.) As we get closer, I make out the words the asian invasion along the side of the bus, which is full of brown-faced men. This early in the afternoon, parking spaces are plentiful, so I wonder what the argument is about. Soon I recognize the voice, which argues, â€Å"The Asian Invasion has been parked in this very spot for every home game since the Linc was opened. It’s good luck for the Eagles. We are Eagles fans, just like you. Superstition or not, our parking the Asian Invasion bus in this very spot is crucial if you want the Birds to win tonight.† â€Å"We’re not moving our tent,† Scott says. â€Å"No fucking way. You should have gotten here earlier.† The fat men reiterate Scott’s sentiment, and things are getting heated. I see Cliff before he sees me. â€Å"Move the tent,† I say to our friends. Scott and the fat men turn to face me; they look surprised by my command, almost bewildered, as if I have betrayed them. My brother and Scott exchange a glance, and then Scott asks, â€Å"Hank Baskett – destroyer of Giants fans – says, ‘Move the tent’?† â€Å"Hank Baskett says, ‘Move the tent,'† I say. Scott turns and faces Cliff, who is shocked to see me. Scott says, â€Å"Hank Baskett says, ‘Move the tent.’ So we move the tent.† The fat guys groan, but they begin to break down our tailgate party, and soon it is moved three parking spaces over, along with Scott’s van, at which time the Asian Invasion bus pulls forward and parks. Fifty or so Indian men exit – each one of them wearing a green number 20 Dawkins jersey. They are like a small army, and soon, several barbecues are going and the smell of curry is all around us. Cliff played it cool and did not say hello to me, which I realize was his way of saying, â€Å"It’s your call, Pat.† He simply faded away into the other Dawkins jerseys, so I would not have to explain our relationship, which was kind of him. When we have our tent resituated, when the fat men are inside watching television, Scott says, â€Å"Hey, Baskett. Why did you let the dot heads have our parking spot?† â€Å"None of them have a dot on their head,† I say. â€Å"Did you know that little guy?† Jake asks me. â€Å"Which little guy, me?† We turn around, and Cliff is standing there with a sizzling platter of vegetables and meat cubes skewered on sticks of wood. â€Å"Indian kabobs. Quite delicious. For allowing us to park the Asian Invasion bus in its usual spot.† When Cliff lifts the platter up, we each grab an Indian kabob, and the meat is spicy, but delicious, as are the vegetables. â€Å"And the men in the tent – would they also like one?† â€Å"Hey, fat-asses,† Scott yells. â€Å"Food.† The fat men come out and partake. Soon everyone is nodding and complimenting Cliff on his delicious food. â€Å"Sorry for the trouble,† Cliff says so nicely. He’s been so kind – even after hearing Scott call him a dot head – that I can’t help claiming Cliff as a friend, so I say, â€Å"Cliff, this is my brother, Jake, my friend Scott, and †¦Ã¢â‚¬  I forget the fat men’s names, so I just say, â€Å"Friends of Scott.† â€Å"Shit,† Scott says. â€Å"You should have just told us you were friends with Baskett here and we wouldn’t have given you any trouble. You want a beer?† â€Å"Sure,† Cliff says, putting the empty tray down on the concrete. Scott hands everyone a green plastic cup, we all pour bottles of Yuengling Lager, and then I am drinking beers with my therapist. I am afraid Cliff will yell at me for drinking when I am on medications, but he doesn’t. â€Å"How do you guys know each other?† one of the fat guys says, and then I realize that by â€Å"you guys,† he means Cliff and me. I am so happy to be drinking beers with Cliff that I say, â€Å"He’s my therapist,† before I can remind myself to lie. â€Å"And we are friends too,† Cliff quickly adds, which surprises me but makes me feel pretty good, especially since no one says anything about my needing a therapist. â€Å"What are your boys doing?† Jake asks Cliff. I turn around and see ten or so men rolling out huge sheets of Astroturf. â€Å"They are rolling out the Kubb fields.† â€Å"What?† everyone says. â€Å"Come on, I’ll show you.† And this is how we came to play what Cliff calls the Swedish Viking game while tailgating before Monday Night Football. â€Å"Why do a bunch of Indians play a Swedish Viking game?† one of the fat men asks. â€Å"Because it’s fun,† Cliff replies, so cool. The Indian men are quick to share their food and are also so knowledgeable regarding Eagles football. They explain Kubb, which is a game where you throw wooden batons to knock down your opponent’s kubbs, which are wooden blocks set up on opposite baselines. The knocked-down kubbs get tossed to the opponents’ field and set up where they land. To be truthful, I am still not exactly sure how it all works, but I know the game ends when you clean the opponents’ field of kubbs and knock down the kubb king, which is the tallest block of wood, set up in the center of the Astroturf. Cliff surprises me by asking if he can be my partner. All afternoon he tells me which blocks to aim for, and we win many games in between bouts of eating Indian kabobs and drinking our Yuengling Lager and the Asian Invasion’s India Pale Ale out of green plastic cups. Jake, Scott, and the fat men assimilate into the Asian Invasion tailgate party very nicely – we have Indians in our tent, they have white guys on their Kubb fields – and I think all it really takes for different people to get along is a common rooting interest and a few beers. Every so often one of the Indian men yells â€Å"Ahhhhhhhh!† and when we all do the chant, we are fifty or so men strong, and our â€Å"E!-A!-G!-L!-E!-S! EAGLES!† is deafening. Cliff is deadly with his wooden batons. He mostly carries our team as we play Kubb against various groupings of men, but we end up winning the money tournament, in which I did not even know we were playing until we won. One of Cliff’s boys hands me fifty dollars. Cliff explains that Jake paid my entry fee, so I try to give my brother my winnings, but Jake will not let me. Finally, I decide to buy rounds of beer inside the Linc, and I stop arguing with my brother over money. After the sun sets, when it is just about time to go into Lincoln Financial Field, I ask Cliff if I can talk to him alone, and when we walk away from the Asian Invasion, I say, â€Å"Is this okay?† â€Å"This?† he replies, and the glassy look in his eyes suggests he is a little drunk. â€Å"The two of us hanging out like boys. What my friend Danny would call ‘representing.'† â€Å"Why not?† â€Å"Well, because you are my therapist.† Cliff smiles, holds up a little brown finger, and says, â€Å"What did I tell you? When I am not in the leather recliner †¦Ã¢â‚¬  â€Å"You’re a fellow Eagles fan.† â€Å"Damn right,† he says, and then claps me on the back. After the game I catch a ride back to Jersey on the Asian Invasion bus, and the Indian men and I sing â€Å"Fly, Eagles, Fly† over and over again because the Eagles have beaten the Packers 31 – 9 on national television. When Cliff’s friends drop me off in front of my house, it’s after midnight, but the funny driver, who is named Ashwini, hits the horn on the Asian Invasion bus – a special recording of all fifty members screaming â€Å"E!-A!-G!-L!-E!-S! EAGLES!† I worry that maybe they have woken up everyone in my neighborhood, but I can’t help laughing as the green bus pulls away. My father is still awake, sitting on the family-room couch watching ESPN. When he sees me, he doesn’t say hello, but loudly begins to sing, â€Å"Fly, Eagles, fly. On the road to victory †¦Ã¢â‚¬  So I sing the song one more time with my father, and when we finish the chant at the end, my dad continues to hum the fight song as he marches off to bed without so much as asking me a single question about my day, which has been extraordinary to say the least, even if Hank Baskett only had two catches for twenty-seven yards and has yet to find the end zone. I think about cleaning up my father’s empty beer bottles, but I remember what my mother told me about keeping the house filthy while she is on strike. Downstairs, I hit the weights and try not to think about missing Jake’s wedding, which still has me down some, even if the Birds did win. I need to work off the beer and the Indian kabobs, so I lift for many hours. How to cite The Silver Linings Playbook Chapter 25, Essay examples

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Leadership Style in Change Management

Question: Discuss about the Leadership Style in Change Management. Answer: Introduction: The vast majority of the associations are compelled to develop changes keeping in mind the end goal to make due for a more extended timeframe. They are required to react quickly to the national and worldwide uprising of innovation and rivalry, on the off chance that they need to survive. Everybody realizes that change is not going to occur without a moment's delay. Truly, a couple of associations or organizations meet their expressed targets (Anderson, 2011). Change administration has profoundly centered on individuals, character and the examples of human connection (Kevin, 2013). Absence of leadership fixation on the multifaceted nature of change creates weak systems and structures. To wrap things up, consideration towards individuals conduct towards rolling out the procedure of improvement or transformation administration is essential. For a compelling change administration, it is required by the leaders to pay towards personality development of the general population in an association (Schultz, 2010). Research Objectives The primary objectives of this study are: Research Objective 1: To understand the importance of change management in organizations Research Objective 2: To analyze role of leaders in change management Research Objective 3: To examine pertinent style of leadership that impacts change management Research Questions Encompassing the above objectives into the study, the following research questions needs to be answered. Research Question 1: Why does an organization requires change? Research Question 2: What role does a leader play in change management? Research Question 3: How does leadership style affects change management? Literature Review According to Bejinaru and B?e?u, (2013) nowadays the intrigue is engaged upon the impact authority creates for a company. Supervisors bear in mind management as a tool with tremendous ability for molding the employee, obviously through coordinating the workers. Their movements in the path of the warranty of that fashion/system of initiative should set off to the needed results in a particular placing. As for this case, we allude to hierarchical change. Initiative is a method of producing alternatives, and not retaining up the norm (Daft, 2011). The pioneer no longer forces this change, however it is a technique concerning sharing of a comparable cause and values. Within a company, leaders or pioneers ought to be promoters of progress. Pioneers have the ability to persuade others and spur them with a particular purpose to perform positive targets. A leader of development is a person with the capacity to have an effect on and, at closing exchange practices of workers and the whole organization (Bass, 2011). Research Methodology In order to attain objectives and results of the study, a particular research methodology needs to be followed. For the scope of this study, inductive research methodology has been undertaken. Further data of secondary nature has been collected and analyzed. After careful analysis of data collected the following findings and analysis was realized: Research Findings 1: Organizations need to adapt to changes in order to maintain a competitive advantage. Research Findings 2: A leader in an organization handholds the process of change and ascertain the aims and goals of change management. Research Findings 3: Careful examination of various types of leadership reflects that most influential style of leadership that can impact change management in organization is transformational leadership. Discussion: Analysis Approach Initiative or leadership styles are like people's character styles or like identities, which in social life is distinctive practices (Bass Avolio, 2010). Thus, we might additionally approach the connection between various styles of administration and authoritative change with a specific end goal to watch the consequences of each other. Two primary administration styles that writing allude to are value-based authority and transformational initiative. Value-based administration style is shown through the approach that the pioneer behaves resembling an expert of change and backs the workers via systems of important adjustments, which boosts profitability (Beerel, 2010). Transformational initiative style suggests that the pioneer allows the employees to expect the companys visualization, which is a sign of growth in all departments, of employees' motivation, task accomplishment in addition to personal execution (Beerel, 2010). Examining the table within the subsequent page, we may additionally notice the responsibility of the transformation procedure is divided to five phases. Each phase underscores the guiding actions as well as influences to be carried out, and the last part recommends the correct management fashion to be linked for each of the activity. Retaining in mind the aim to understand the organization or the link involving the management patterns along with the trade tiers, managers are required to audit and call for attention to each leadership style. Managers remember that such models of leadership had been surnamed following the force they create due to the leaders' behavior (Daft, 2011). Major milestones Stages of Change/major milestones Main Focus Style of Leadership Scheduled change Brainstorming Strategy formulation Logical Inspirational Enabled change Assisting the employees Empowering Explaining the plans/aims Logical Inspirational Supportive Initiated and implemented change Gradual implementation Achieving goals Evaluating the progress Inspirational Supportive Catalyzing Inspiring Assisting Energizing Inspirational Supportive Sustaining change Guiding others Supervising the progress Energizing Logical Inspirational Supportive Gantt chart of the project January February March April May Brainstorming Strategy formulation Empowering Gradual implementation Assisting Energizing Supervising the progress Conclusion The research proposal is an examination of the various aspects of leadership that helps conduct change management in organizations. Transformational leadership style amongst all leadership helps attain successful change within organizations. Whichever the style, leadership of progress in honest or more mind boggling situations includes constructing potential and restriction in a company by helping representatives (employees) to enhance their items. In addition, it entails making situations for identifying how it will show up through ensuring character and organization working time. Furthermore, it includes making an atmosphere, which empowers individual and authoritative development through developing believe and reality mentalities amongst representatives; underscores collective operating through acknowledging aftereffects of businesses; gives attention to impacts of development and alternate. Change and Leadership cannot be isolated not in principle neither practically speaking as they are associated. Despite the fact that every leader is portrayed by, for the most part a style, it is imperative for him/her to know about the various leadership styles. Regardless of the possibility that it is hard to change starting with one style then onto the next, staying alert of every style is an incredible stride towards applying what is best for every period of progress. This last thought could speak to a subject for another exploration work. References Balestracci, D. (2013) Handling the human side of change, Quality Progress, vol. 36(11), pp. 38- 45 Bartkus, B. (2014) Employee ownership as a catalyst of organizational change, Journal of Organizational Change Management, 10(4), 331-344 Bass, B. M. (2011) Transformational leadership: Industrial, military, and educational impact, Mahwah, NJ: Erlbaum Bass, B. M., Avolio, B. J. (2010) Training and development of transformational leadership for individual, team, and organizational development, Research in organizational change and development. Greenwich, CT: JAI Press Beerel, A. (2010) Leadership and Change Management, Sage Publications Ltd., pp. 6 Bejinaru, R. and B?e?u, C. (2013) Approaches to organizational change within modern companies, The USV Annals of Economics and Public Administration, Volume 13, Issue 1(17) Br?tianu, C. and Anagnoste, S. (2011) The role of transformational leadership in mergers and acquisitions in emergent economies, Management Marketing, Challenges for the Knowledge Society, Vol. 6, No. 2, pp. 319-326 Daft, R. L. (2011) The Leadership Experience, 4th Edition, Thomson South-Western, New York Foster, D. E. (2012) A Method of Comparing Follower Satisfaction with the Authoritarian, Democratic, and Laissez-faire Styles of Leadership, Communication Teacher, 16 (2): 4 6 Hage, J. (2011) Organizational innovation and organizational change, Annual Review of Sociology, Vol. 25, pp. 597-622 Karp, T. and Helg T. I., (2008) From change management to change leadership, Embracing chaotic change in public service organizations,Journal of change management,8(1), pp. 85-96 Kavanagh, M. H. and Ashkanasy, N.M., (2006) The impact of leadership and change management strategy on organizational culture and individual acceptance of change during a merger.British Journal of Management,17(1), pp. S 81-S 103 Kevin W. (2013) Social Influences. Rutledge. p. 75 Liu, J.; Liu, X. and Zeng, X. (2011) Does transactional leadership count for team innovativeness? Journal of Organizational Change Management, 24 (3): 282298 Martindale N (2011) Leadership Styles: How to handle the different personas, Strategic Communication Management, 15 (8): 3235. Schultz D. and Sydney E. (2011) Chapter 7: Leadership, Psychology and Work Today (10 ed.). Abingdon, Oxford shire: Rutledge Schultz P. (2010) Psychology and work today: An introduction to industrial and organizational psychology (10th ed.), Upper Saddle River, N.J.: Prentice Hall Woods, A. P. (2010) Democratic leadership: drawing distinctions with distributed leadership, International Journal of Leadership in Education, 7 (1): 336.

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KFC in India Essay Essay Example

KFC in India Essay Essay 1. Since its entry into India in 1995. KFC has been confronting protests by cultural and economic militants and husbandmans. What are the grounds for these protests and do you believe these grounds are justified? Exaplain. During the early 1990s. KFC set up their concern at India and they were faced all sort of protests by cultural. economic militants and husbandmans ( The Ecologist. 1995 ) . On the twelvemonth of 1995. KFC open the first mercantile establishment at Bangalore and KFC was among the first fast-food multinational to come in India. One of the instance which KFC involved is the municipal nutrient inspectors found that KFC’s â€Å"hot A ; spicy† flavoring contained about three times more single-channel Na glutamate ( MSG. popularly known as ajinomoto. a spirit heightening ingredient ) than allowed by the Indian Prevention of Food Adulteration Act. 1954 ( IPFAA ) ( Ray. Ashis. 1995 ) . Harmonizing to the IPFAA. fast nutrient eating houses can merely incorporate maximal 1 per centum of MSG as a flavorer of the nutrient. Therefore. the KFC’s poulet being sent for nutrient inspectors’ scrutiny. followed by research lab trials and analysis. But after all the process. they found that KFC’s poulet had exceed the legal MSG bounds which is contained 2. 8 per centum of MSG. Due to this issue. KFC being charged because of â€Å"adulterated. misbranded. and unfit for human ingestion. ( Ray. Ashis. 1995 ) We will write a custom essay sample on KFC in India Essay specifically for you for only $16.38 $13.9/page Order now We will write a custom essay sample on KFC in India Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer We will write a custom essay sample on KFC in India Essay specifically for you FOR ONLY $16.38 $13.9/page Hire Writer After the protests faced at Bangalore. Pepsi Co opened a 2nd KFC mercantile establishment in Delhi. the national capital. in October 1995 ( Delhi’s Fried Chicken Blues. 1995 ) . Within twosome of hebdomads of launch. KFC in Delhi had to halt its concern as wellness functionaries canceled its licence on November 1995 due to surfacing mix imported from United States contained sodium aluminum phosphate ( SAP ) . which was risky to human wellness. Meanwhile. KFC was able to turn out that SAP was used in little measures in the baking pulverization and was non harmful. And the KFC had won the instance and resumed back its concern. ( Delhi’s Fried Chicken Blues. 1995 ) After all the protests had been settle down. the militant from Delhi against taking up another issues about the hygiene conditions of the eating house. Due to an review by nutrient inspectors found flies bombinating around the kitchen and refuse tins merely outside the eating house premises. Because of the issue . the Delhi KFC mercantile establishment was closed within 23 yearss of reopening. From the cultural and economic militants and husbandmans perspective. KFC will besides convey legion disadvantage towards them if KFC start up their concern at India. Patriots besides feared a civilization invasion ; conservationists and husbandmans felt grain ingestion by cowss for meat production would be damaging ; and dieticians highlighted the ingestion of fast nutrient will increase the rate of fleshiness. high blood pressure. bosom disease. and malignant neoplastic disease. Therefore. they were protest the entry of KFC into their state and they besides carry â€Å"boycott KFC† marks while protest. KFC had experience different sort of issue raised up by the cultural and economic militants and husbandmans. there are some instances where the KFC should research about India civilization before they enter. Most of the protests instances was because of the healthy issues brings to the people after consume the KFC’s poulet ( Protest against KFC. 2004 ) Sometimes. many concerns excessively focus on net income devising and did non concern on the consumer’s healthy. Therefore. KFC have to follow the legal demand of the nutrient in order to prolong their concern in India. On the others manus. most of the husbandmans protest is because they feared that the fast-food concatenation will impact its local agricultural environment ( Narasimhan. Shakuntala. 1996 ) . All this is approximately ethical of concern. KFC should non function a nutrient which is contained unhealthy ingredient and they must besides concern more on the economic system growing at India. 2. PETA has been protesting against KFC in India since the last 1990s. What are the grounds for PETA’s protests against KFC and how did KFC’s direction react to them? Make you hold with PETA that KFC has been barbarous toward the birds and hence it should go forth India? Based on this instance survey. we found out that KFC in India faced terrible protests by Peoples for Ethical Treatment of Animals ( PETA ) . an carnal rights protection organisation. The ground for PETA’s protest against KFC was chiefly due to the inhumane intervention the poulets faced on KFC farms and released a picture tape demoing the maltreatment of birds in KFC’s domestic fowl farms. Pilgrim’s Pride ( PP ) is one of KFC’s award-winning supply operations and the 2nd largest processor of poulets in the United States. PETA’s probes in Pilgrim’s Pride domestic fowl farm brought to illume the inappropriate patterns that prevailed in KFC’s provider operat ions. Yamini Aparna K. Vivek Gupta ( 2004 ) . In other word PETA found a picture exposing KFC provider maltreatment poulets by barbarous fast one and this instantly aroused public attending. In the 4 minute picture released by PETA in respects to these allegations. viewing audiences witnessed birds populating in overcrowded. crammed warehouses with hardly any infinite to travel. huge sums of poulet carcases that had died from disease. dirty. injured poulets and the barbarous actions towards the animate beings by the custodies of the staff. Besides that. the staff do anything to mistreat the poulet. they frequently cut off their wings. banging them to the wall. plug them as sandbags. kicked them as football. At slaughter. the chicken’ pharynxs are slit and dropped into armored combat vehicles of scalding-hot H2O while they are still witting. ( refer to cite 11 ) They abuse the poulets alive to decease and so gave to outlet frying as delightful fried lily-livered service all around the universe. Though other fast nutrient organisations such as McDonald’s and Burger King had already ‘upped’ their criterions sing the intervention of animate beings. KFC had yet to make so. In these mills and domestic fowl farms. birds were kept in really unhygienic conditions and treated cruelly. However. undiscouraged by the protests by PETA and other carnal rights organisations. KFC planned a monolithic enlargement plan in India. Margaret Scheikowski ( 2009 ) . Harmonizing to ‘PETA’s Fact Sheet of KFC’s Cruelty’ . there were six chief points of enduring the poulets faced. Dan Mathews. PETA ( July 12. 2011 ) . These included ; I. Having less than a normal sized piece of paper to populate in -This is where the poulets are stuffed by 10s of 1000s into overcrowded sheds where they barely find infinite to travel freely. To salvage infinite and avoid poulet aching each other. the sensitive poulet beaks are cut off with hot blade without giving any hurting slayers. Overcrowding and hapless litter quality in the farms besides caused painful ammonium hydroxide Burnss on the poulets. The injured poulets received no intervention and had to bear the hurting throughout their life. two. Suffering from crippled and deformed legs since birth and deceasing early from bosom onslaughts as a consequence of hapless engendering methods – Birds are fed genetically modified provender in order to speed up their growing rate. As a consequence they suffer from complaints such as utmost fleshiness and fatty livers and kidneys. bosom onslaughts and other jobs. three. Being killed before making six hebdomads of age-This is where the poulets are slaughtered before they are 6 hebdomads old. At the slaughter house. poulets are hung upside down and transferred through conveyer belts to the violent death room to the full witting. four. Defeated Workers– Due to hapless rewards and working conditions. employees used the poulets as a agency to vent defeats and alleviate ennui. They twisted the bird’s heads off. spat baccy into their eyes and oral cavities. spray-painted their faces. used them as footballs and squeezed their organic structures so hard that the birds expelled fecal matters. v. Mistreatment by indurate staff and ;six. Receiving small to no veterinary attention KFC’s direction in response to PETA’s protest was adding more mercantile establishments and the proclamation of major developments to the plan. They besides planned to open more shops in premier locations such as shopping promenades in widely distributed countries. Vegetarian dishes were besides implemented into the bill of fare to provide and pull the mass vegetarian population. However. PETA India wrote a missive to the Managing Director of Tricon Restaurant International. the parent company of KFC. inquiring them to shut their exclusive KFC mercantile establishment in India. But their responses are got no answer. So that. PETA activists decided to protest against KFC by transporting crippled poulet. which represented the birds enduring in the KFC’s farms. PETA claimed that after two old ages of intensive candidacy to increase carnal public assistance criterions in domestic fowl farms. After analysing the instance survey and PETA’s fact sheet. it is clea r that KFC are barbarous towards their birds and hence should go forth India. Furthermore. as KFC is such a powerful transnational company and with support from the manager of selling of Yum! Restaurants International who assured KFC followed the public assistance guidelines and valued Indian jurisprudence. this result was extremely improbable. 3. What is the importance of moralss in making concern? Do you believe in the face of ferocious competition. concern organisations are justified non to back up ethical values at the cost of doing net incomes? Why or why non? Justify your reply giving illustrations. There is no uncertainty that concern moralss plays a more and more of import function in modern economic system. Ethical motives can be associated with being just. honest. and moral and being ‘the right thing to do’ . There are many indispensable benefits to those concerns known for good ethical values ( Steven Symes. July 2014 ) . One of the duties of an organisation is to do certain that all their actions to the ethical criterions provided by the jurisprudence. the KFC demand to follow the regulation and ordinance at the state. Other than scheme for selling and direction. concerns have considered other elements that play important functions towards success. One of these of import elements is moralss. These o rganisations tend to be those that attain higher choice staff. staff turnover is low. better image. pull and keep new and bing consumers and have a greater competitory advantage. Though many concerns try and aim to be both ethical and successful. countless believe it to acquire in the manner of doing a net income ( VoiceLee1. October 2013 ) . Depending on which state and province you are in can find the sum of problem a company may confront with their unethical behaviour. In utmost instances this may take to the jurisprudence being involved which chiefly takes net incomes off from concerns and to run in certain markets. Consumer international ( 2008 ) . Based on the instance survey of KFC in India. being a big international company instantly draws attending. Even though domestic concerns in India may non follow the ‘right’ ethical processs. KFC is automatically under the limelight as locals expect them to follow international criterions. In the face of ferocious competition. concern organisations should hold support ethical values whether they believe it will impact their net incomes or non. For any organisation. ‘the client is ever right’ and are one of the most of import factor in maintaining the concern alive as this is where net incomes are made. As clients have moralss. if they are non happy. no net incomes. Laura Costa. Ph. D. ( December. 2012 ) It is extremely indispensable for concern organisations to understand the importance of moralss in today’s universe. In order to accomplish this. big international companies such as KFC who are spread outing their concerns in less develop states such as India. demand to derive apprehension of the state civilization. regulative and ecological issues. So that. KFC should work together and spouse up with local husbandmans every bit good as with their consumers to guarantee them they have quality merchandises. Another scheme may besides be to implement a farm degree guideline and analysis studies for their stakeholders sing domestic fowl attention and handling. Ronald D Francis A ; Mukti Mishra ( 2014 ) . pg 56-60. 4. DecisionFinally. we can understand from the instance that every concern organisation should understand the importance of moralss by understanding the civilization. regulative and ecological issues in different states. KFC should implement a farm degree guideline A ; audit plan – a plan which is industry taking in the countries of domestic fowl attention and handling. chiefly for their provider in the broiler industry. Therefore the company necessitate some common rules to steer the behaviours. It is much easier for a company with good moral behaviors to construct its repute and win regard from all facets of a society. KFC has been already gained the repute of a fast nutrient that continuously provides oily unhealthy nutrient. so it needs to make something about and switch its positive image back. Mention1. Yamini Aparna K. Vivek Gupta ( 2004 ) KFC in India: Ethical Issues [ Online ] Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. asiacase. com/ecatalog/NO_FILTERS/page-CROSSMGT-649128. hypertext markup language [ Accessed:17th July 2014 ] 2. Margaret Scheikowski ( 2009 ) Family sues KFC over â€Å"food Poisoning† . [ Online ] Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //news. ninemsn. com. au/national/845258/kfc-sued-over-salmonella-poisoning [ Accessed:17th July 2014 ] 3. Dan Mathews. PETA ( July 12. 2011 ) . KFC in India Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. kentuckyfriedcruelty. com/index. asp [ Accessed:18th July 2014 ] 4. Schreiner. Bruce ( 23 July 2005 ) . â€Å"KFC still guards Colonel’s secret† . Associated Press. Retrieved 19 September 2013. Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //jacksonville. com/tu-online/stories/072305/bus_19314459. shtml [ Accessed:19th July 2014 ] 5. VoiceLee1. October 2013’KFC in India Case Study Assignment ( Ethical Issue ) Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. studymode. com/essays/Kfc-In-India-Case-Study-Assignment-39922528. hypertext markup language [ Accessed:19th July 2014 ] 6. Consumer international ( 2008 ) WCRD 2008 [ Online ] Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //www. consumersinternational. org/Templates/Internal. asp? NodeID= 97050 A ; int1stParentNodeID=89647 A ; int2ndParentNodeID=95043 [ Accessed:19th July 2014 ] 7. Laura Costa. Ph. D. ( December. 2012 ) Protect You from Harmful Chemicals in Cosmetics and Household Products. [ Online ] Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //loveyourbody. nowfoundation. org/harmful_chemicals. hypertext markup language [ Accessed:20th July 2014 ] 8. KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN ( KFC ) IN INDIA ( No day of the month ) [ Online ] Available fromhttp: //www. freeessays123. com/essay21631/kentuckyfriedchickenkfcinindia. hypertext markup language [ Accessed:20th July 2014 ] 9. Ronald D Francis A ; Mukti Mishra ( 2014 ) . pg 56-60† Business Ethical† Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //books. Google. com. my/books? id=xV8l8EUCOjQC A ; pg=PA176 A ; lpg=PA176 A ; dq=www. icmrindia. org/casestudies/†¦/business % 2520ethics/BECG044. +HTML A ; source=bl A ; ots=wKboQnsm4A A ; sig=4Cd0mvIFlBRz-LMhNMOzZVsx1L8 A ; hl=en A ; sa=X A ; ei=jO7LU8z7HIq9ugTB0ILACw A ; ved=0CC4Q6AEwAg # v=onepage A ; q=www. icmrindia. org % 2Fcasestudies % 2 F†¦ % 2Fbusiness % 2520ethics % 2FBECG044. % 20HTML A ; f=false [ Accessed:20th July 2014 ] 10. Steven Symes ( July 2014 ) . ‘Importance of Ethical Conduct in a Business. Available from: hypertext transfer protocol: //smallbusiness. chron. com/importance-ethical-conduct-business-25163. hypertext markup language [ Accessed:20th July 2014 ] 11. picture released by PETA hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=qXKExmm_Mk0 or hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=2zLZrAQ8JIM or hypertext transfer protocol: //www. youtube. com/watch? v=e5eMQ-3Drmw 12. Ray. Ashis. † KFC Takes On India over MSG. † World Wide Web. cnn. com. September 21. 1995 13. â€Å"Delhi’s Fried Chicken Blues. † World Wide Web. theasiaweek. com. November 24. 1995 14. â€Å"Kentucky Fried Chicken Protest in India. † The Ecologist. November/ December 1995 15. Narasimhan. Shakuntala. â€Å"Tandoori vs Kentucky Fried. † Multinational Monitor. January/ February 1996 16. â€Å"Protest against KFC. † World Wide Web. Hindu. com. February 18. 2004

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June Themes and Activities for Elementary Students

June Themes and Activities for Elementary Students If youre still in the classroom when summer starts,  use these ideas for inspiration to create your own lessons and activities or use the ideas provided. Here is a list of June themes, events, and holidays with correlating activities to go with them.   Celebrate Month-Long June Themes and Events National Safety Month - Celebrate safety by teaching your students tips about fire safety, how to avoid strangers, or other safety topics. National Fresh Fruit and Vegetable Month - Celebrate National Fruits and Vegetable month by teaching your students about the importance of nutrition. Dairy Month - This is the time of the month when we are all reminded of the great importance of everything dairy. During this month try this milk paint recipe with your students. Great Outdoors Month - June is a special time to celebrate the great outdoors! Plan a field trip with your class and dont forget to set the rules for a successful trip! Zoo and Aquarium Month - Teach students about the zoo with a few animal crafts, and all about the aquarium by having students create an ecosystem. June Holidays and Events June 1st Donut Day - Whats a better way to celebrate Donut Day than to eat them! But, before you do that, first have students use a plastic knife to try and cut the donut into different sections to reinforce fraction skills.Flip a Coin Day - Sounds like a silly day to celebrate, but there are endless opportunities for students to learn from just flipping a coin! Students can learn probability, or you can have a coin toss challenge. The ideas are endless.Oscar the Grouchs Birthday - Kindergarten classes will love celebrating Oscar the Grouchs birthday! Celebrate by having students make birthday cards and sing Sesame Street songs.Stand for Children Day - Honor Stand for Children Day by making sure they will be college ready. June 3rd First U.S. Spacewalk - Celebrate Ed Whites spacewalk by having students participate in space-related activities.Egg Day - National Egg Day is a fun day to promote eggs. Use this day as an opportunity to teach your students the importance of eggs. Egg carton crafts would also go perfectly on World Egg Day!Repeat Day - Repeat Day can be a fun opportunity for students to review what they have learned. On this day have students repeat everything they did the day before. From wearing the same clothes to eating the same lunch, and learning the same things. June 4th Aesops Birthday - This is a day for students to discover all about Aesop by reading his famous fables.Cheese Day - Celebrate Cheese Day by having students bring in different cheese snacks and singing the Cheese song.First Ford Made - In 1896 Henry Ford made his first operational car. On this day have students discuss what life would be like if we didnt have cars. Then have students write a story about their ideas. Use an essay rubric to assess their work. June 5th First Hot Air Balloon Flight - In 1783 Montgolfier brothers were the first to take a hot air balloon flight. Celebrate the Montgolfier brothers great accomplishment by teaching students the history of balloons.National Gingerbread Day - Celebrate this yummy food by having students create gingerbread crafts.Richard Scarrys Birthday - Richard Scarry, born in 1919 is a famous author of childrens books. Celebrate this magnificent author by reading his book, The Best Christmas Book Ever.World Environment Day - Celebrate World Environment Day by learning unique ways for reusing and recycling items in your classroom. Plus, teach your students about how to take care of our earth with these activities. June 6th D-Day - Discuss the history and show pictures, as well as read some personal stories about that day.National Yo-Yo Day - Buy enough Yo-Yos for students to have a contest. The first person to keep it going the longest wins! June 7th National Chocolate Ice Cream Day - Celebrate this fun day by eating ice cream during snack time. June 8th   Frank Lloyd Wrights Birthday - Celebrate this special birthday by having students make an airplane craft.World Oceans Day - Take a field trip to your local Aquarium to celebrate this day. June 10th Judy Garlands Birthday - Judy Garland was a singer and actress who starred in the Wizard of Oz. Honor her great accomplishments by viewing the movie she was best known for.Ballpoint Pen Day - This may sound like a silly day to celebrate, but students will love being able to write with different color pens throughout the day instead of the same old boring pencil. June 12th Anne Franks Birthday - Born in 1929 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany, Anne Frank was a true inspiration to all. Honor this beautiful girls heroism, by reading the book Anne Franks Story: Her Life Retold for Children.The Baseball Was Invented - What is a better way to celebrate the day the baseball was invented then by having students participate in a class baseball game! June 14th   Caldecott Medal First Awarded - In 1937 the Caldecott Medal was first awarded. Honor the winners of this award by reading your students the books that won.Flag Day - Celebrate this day with Flag Day activities. June 15th Fly a Kite Day - This is a special day to celebrate with your students because it is the anniversary of Ben Franklins Kite Experiment in 1752. Celebrate this day by making a kite with your students. June 16th Fathers Day- Every third Sunday of June we celebrate Fathers Day. On this day have students write a poem, make him a craft, or write a card and tell him how special he is. June 17th Eat Your Vegetables Day - Its important to eat healthily. On this day have students bring in a healthy snack, and discuss the importance of healthy eating and getting enough sleep. June 18th International Picnic Day - Have a class picnic to celebrate International Picnic Day! June 19th Juneteenth - A day to celebrate the commemoration of the ending of slavery in the United States. Discuss famous women in history, and slavery statistics. June 21st First Day of Summer - If you are still in school you can celebrate the end of school with fun Summer activities.World Handshake Day - Have students describe their ideal world and draw a picture of their interpretation of World Handshake Day.United Nations Public Service Day - Help students recognize the importance of giving back by taking a field trip to your local food shelter or hospital. June 24th International Fairy Day - Have students write a fairy tale to honor this special day. June 25th Eric Carles Birthday - This beloved author should be celebrated every day. Honor Eric Carles birthday by reading some of his famous stories. June 26th Bicycle Patented - Where would our world be if we didnt have the bicycle? Use that question as a writing prompt for your students. June 27th Helen Kellers Birthday- Born in 1880, Helen Keller was deaf and blind but still seemed to accomplish a great deal. Read a collection of inspiring quotes by Helen Keller while teaching your students her back-story.Melody for Happy Birthday Song - Have students use the melody of the Happy Birthday song to re-write their own version of the famous song. June 28th Paul Bunyan Day - Celebrate this fun-loving giant lumberjack by reading the story The Tall Tale of Paul Bunyan. June 29th Camera Day - On Camera Day have students take turns taking photographs of each other and turn their photos into a class book. June 30th Meteor Day - Show students how a meteor shower  actually works.

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Statistics Final Exam Speech or Presentation Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Statistics Final Exam - Speech or Presentation Example In the case of work completed in Excel, copy and paste show the formula(s) used. No work = no credit. The problems on this exam pertain to the Malls of the Thump McDonald Property group. Thump McDonald, often referred to as â€Å"The McDonald†, commissioned his apprentices to look at various statistics to determine the efficiency of his operations. A supplier manufactures batteries for the emergency backup lights in the mall corridors. A random sample of 256 batteries is taken and the sample mean life is 6.5 years with a standard deviation of 0.65 years. The law requires 99% confidence of operation when scheduling of battery replacement. Mall security estimates that the average daily per-store theft is exactly $335, but wants to determine the accuracy of this statistic. The company researcher takes a sample of 81 clerks and finds that =$300 and s = $80. A confidence interval of 90% was used to estimate the proportion of customers who buy at least two items during their shopping mall experience. A random sample of 150 customers produced the following confidence interval: 32% +/- 4%. What is the best way to explain the results? z-test should be used when the sample size is greater than 30 (n>30) and when the mean and the standard deviation are known. T-test is best suites when the sample size is lesser than 30 (n